An extraordinary Second Life

My name in Second Life is Marcus Lefevre-Enimo, commonly known with my real name Marcus Wisser on social networks. I am interested in fashion, photography, videography, blogging, modeling, graphic design and much more. I try and challenge myself with all of the above, and yet: I´m not a designer, not a photographer, not a videographer, not a blogger, not a model and not a graphic designer.

In Second Life I am

Founder, Owner and Chairman of MISS SL Organization
Owner of MISS SL Academy and MISS SL Agency
Owner and Producer of the MISS and MR SL Pageants

I have run several enterprises successful, including a 2000+ sims estate for over 6 years. There is not much I have not tried yet. If I did not, I am likely to try it, at least once. I will repeat, if it triggers joy, satisfaction and entertainment for others and myself.

Diplomacy and decency are my personal alpha and omega.

My husband calls me a defense lawyer.

That’s all.

A diplomat is a man who thinks twice before he says nothing.