My dearest husband gifted me a Legacy body weeks ago. Due to the MR SL pageant and other duties I had not really much time to look for it yet… and more so, I don’t have that much clothing made for the Legacy body yet.

Looking into it over the weeks… I found a few things that would convince me confirming it to be a good buy, if there wasn’t the company’s rather questionable history. If Hikaru wouldn’t have gifted it to me, I’d not have spent a single L$ for it, based on the frustration a great many, including me, have experienced by being neglected with their TMP Beta bodies and their heads never being updated to an actual product. A marketing fail par excellence some would argue, but I suppose the creators wallets do tell differently. Perhaps it was a ‘marketing fail’ designed by choice. I’d tip on the latter, why my reluctance kept going while Hikaru was already buying it for me.

Having the body checked out for a bit now, I find a few quite positive things. For one it was to my greatest surprise to find my old TMP skins and tattoos usable in the new HUD. As nice as the surprise is, I’d also like to know how to remove the old demos from said HUD. The next nice feature I found was the advanced ability to finetune the skin gloss with the Advanced Material Editor HUD. The body itself is nicely done and the neckline can be made almost seamless either with the HUD integrated neck sheath or with a layer to apply with the Catwa Master HUD.

Altogether a nice body, I probably want to use more often in the future but I still like my Belleza butt and my Signature chest better, so far. What I don’t like at all are the douzends of small gaps all over the body, supposedly where the alpha cuts are. They are not very visible but depending on the lights and one’s background. I have seen this at other mesh bodies already, yet never at my Belleza or Signature bodies.

And obviously I don’t know yet, if there’s a way to hide just the bottom tattoo part or to redirect the tattoo to another layer, why I have two different tattoos here…


Legacy – Meshbody (m)

Stray Dog – Mr. Wick (Catwa Daniel)

Taox – Kaoru Tattoo (top)

Bolson – Preacher tattoo (bottom)

Modulus – Nial hair

AviGlam – Comet eyes #02 (rare) (at The Epiphany – December ’19)

Noche – Mesh Nippels


Sparrow – Alec x (Gacha)

Semi-pulled sweat pants and fitting jocks in different colors, shirt with HUD is rare (at The Men Jail – December ’19)

Meshmerized – Yolo band