Imagine you run a pageant… or maybe not just one, but three a year. Imagine the many individual people you get to meet, guide and eventually see them growing in their journey they are experiencing in your pageant. Imagine, you have had most of the years a relatively drama free environment. Groups of candidates who are genuinly enjoying the challenges, help each other and make sure they get the most out of the event they are participating in, by listening and learning. Imagine, it is your utmost goal that everyone has a good time in your pageant.

Of course, there are always individuals, who won’t listen, who think they are better than everyone else, who think they know it all. There are also those with the chronic inability to listen to anything, or with an attention span like a loaf of bread. Never mind those… they will learn eventually. Probably not in your pageant… but life is an incredible good teacher, sometimes it just takes a bit longer.

So far so good… now imagine you get toxic figures into your pageant. Persons, who will do just anything to win. They will cheat in plain sight.

One… even though you know their English patterns since it’s not their native language, they will yet get help in the background to get answers formulated, they were supposed to formulate themselves. And you know it, just… how to prove other than your own intuition. Let alone they didn’t respect the rules beforehand already, assuming they get away with it by challenging you openly, shamelessly and insultingly.

Second… even though you know their blogging work since many years, they are still not shy to submit a picture that was not photographed and edited by themselves to the photo challenges. Could be they are just extremely naive, or they assume you are that very naive. Same individual will also smear honey around the judges mouthes, telling what much better persons they have become. It gets so sticky that even the judges are disgusted, to put it mildly.

Third… imagine a candidate who openly admits to you that they will do just anything to win. Imagine that candidate considers sex with judges, smear campaigns to expose other candidates’ kinks, threats and harrassment against other candidates and gossiping fake stories and lies as appropriate means to become an ambassador to your organization.

Now, imagine you have a group of other, genuine and eager candidates, willing to learn, to listen, to compete fairly. You will just do anything to have them prevail.

You won’t let the other three win.

Simple as that.

Imagine yourself in my shoes… because that’s what I did.

They don’t have a place in my organization.



Stray Dog – Mr. Wick

Nefekalum Tattoos – Soldier (at The Men Jail – December ’19)

Mandala – STEKING EARS Season5

Tram – MF912 hair


Gabriel – Padding Jacket (at The Men’s Department – December ’19)

Gabriel – Nubuck fur boots (at Santa Inc. – December ’19)

Gabriel – Lace-up harness

Artificial Hallucination – Nightwalker Pants


Used my husband’s stuff (as so often…), you can get the details here.